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Redemption Paws Tarot Card Deck

Redemption Paws Tarot Card Deck

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Our cards are inspired by the thousands of dogs that have been rescued through Redemption Paws. From the spiciest cattle dog, down to the the derpiest chihuahua, they are all celebrated in these images.

This deck of 78 cards is illustrated by artist Fikri Hidajat and shows a whimsical spin on the traditional tarot archetypes. We hope these dogs and tarot cards inspire you!

The cards are printed in the USA, packaged in a custom tuck box, and each measure 2.75 x 4.75”, which is a perfect travelling size (slightly larger than a standard poker playing card).


The sale of each item benefits the dogs and rescue efforts of Redemption Paws, a dog rescue in Toronto, Ontario and a registered Canadian charity.

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