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Original Painting by Jadis and Trufflehunter, "Sibling Dialogue"

Original Painting by Jadis and Trufflehunter, "Sibling Dialogue"

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"Our piece represents a conversation between a brother and sister, exploring the interplay of ideas and creative energies. The bold reds embody the intensity and passion of our collaboration, while the light blues represent the intellectual and contemplative aspects. As we navigated the canvas together, we sought to create a dialogue through our gestural brushstrokes and the interplay of color."

This is an original painting by adoptable dogs Jadis and Trufflehunter! They are available to adopt as individual dogs and would each thrive on their own! They are not as big as they photograph, and are now about a year old and weigh 45 lbs. They are plott hounds and have the softest droopiest ears. Apply to adopt at

Acrylic on watercolor paper, 8" x 11.5"

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