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Original Painting by Milton, "Everyday Radiance"

Original Painting by Milton, "Everyday Radiance"

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"As an emerging artist, I am drawn to the power of color to convey emotion and evoke a sense of mood in my abstract paintings. In this piece, the use of bright yellow and light blue creates a sense of energy and tranquility. As someone who came from humble beginnings, I find inspiration in the beauty of everyday life, and I seek to convey this through my art."

This is an original painting by adoptable dog Milton! He is available to adopt in southern Ontario. Milton is about about a year old and weighs 45 lbs. He and his sister Mary (happily adopted) were found by a convenience store in west Texas; abandoned, starved and covered in ticks before they were rescued. Apply to adopt Milton at

Acrylic on watercolor paper, 8" x 11.5"

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